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The Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral

Death can be a difficult topic to talk about, particularly when it’s your own, but organising a pre-paid funeral can have a lot of benefits, not just for your peace of mind. Your loved ones are not left with the burden of making decisions during an already difficult time, you take advantage of lower prices, and you make sure you have the funeral you want. A pre-paid funeral is one way to take care of everything in advance so that your family knows exactly what you want and can focus on grieving rather than logistics.

Here are just a few of the benefits of pre-paying for your funeral:

You Can Lock in Today’s Prices

One of the biggest advantages of pre-paying for your funeral is that you can lock in today’s prices. Funeral costs have been steadily rising over the past few years, and they show no signs of slowing down. By pre-paying for your funeral now, you can ensure that your family won’t have to bear the brunt of those rising costs.

Many funeral plans can be paid in instalments to make it easier to fit funeral planning into your financial life.

You Can Choose Your Own Arrangements

When you pre-pay for your funeral, you can also choose your own arrangements. This means that you can select the type of service you would like, as well as any other add-ons, such as flowers or a memorial video. Arranging your own funeral might seem like planning a party you won’t get to attend but working with your funeral director to create your perfect send-off is more fun than you’d think. Do you want a traditional service? Something more personal? Particular readings, photographs, or music? Maybe you have your eye on an ACDC themed coffin, or your car club to drive behind the funeral cars. A funeral is a chance for everyone, including you, to look back over your life. Once you’re gone, you have no say in how that happens, particularly if you’ve never spoken to your family about your wishes.

Pre-planning takes the guesswork out of funeral for your family and ensures that your final send-off is exactly how you want it to be.

It’s one last way to take care of your family

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of pre-paying for your funeral is that it takes the financial and emotional burden off your family. Planning a funeral can be expensive, and many families are not prepared to cover those costs. Even if you have money set aside to cover your funeral, many expenses are paid out of pocket by the family as the funds of the deceased person are often inaccessible until probate is granted. The emotional burden of organising a funeral also takes a toll on grieving people. It can be difficult to decide what your loved-one would have wanted, and many people feel guilt that they didn’t get just the right song, or the right flowers, or the right casket. By pre-paying for your funeral, you’re telling them exactly what you want, and alleviated the most difficult and expensive parts of the planning.

Making the decision to pre-pay for your funeral may seem like a morbid task, but it is actually a very thoughtful and considerate thing to do for your loved ones. Not only does it take care of the financial burden at an already difficult time, but it also allows you to make all of the decisions about your service in advance. This means that everything will be taken care of exactly as you wish and according to your specifications.

If you have been considering organising a pre-paid funeral, we encourage you to get in touch with us to talk more about what you’d like.

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