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Who is Matthew Kwoka

Who is Matthew Kwoka

Director of Southern Cross Funerals, since 2010 

When you think of a Funeral Director, what do you think? Whatever comes to mind, it’s probably not Matthew Kwoka. Louder than life with compassion in spades, Matt is the heart of one of Sydney’s most trusted funeral homes.

The funeral industry has changed for the worse in the last few decades. Most other funeral homes are owned by big impersonal conglomerates and some of the alternative are ‘briefcase-funeral-directors”, who charge through the roof and hire casual staff. Matthew entered the industry wanting to be different. He wanted his business to be run by family, for families.

Part of that difference is Matt’s absolute commitment to transparency. Grief makes people vulnerable, and sadly, the funeral industry often takes advantage of this. Matthew’s mission it that people in his care experience the exact opposite – clear communication and absolute transparency. Matthew’s focus is to always prioritise people. 

What Matthew loves most about his job is the opportunity it gives him to help people, during some of the hardest moments of their life. And, that is exactly what Matthew has been doing for decades. Southern Cross Funerals was previously owned by a close family friend where he worked, before Matthew took the reins in 2010. 

From that day on, Matt promised himself Southern Cross Funerals would always remain a family business. He has his aunty working for him, his mum and friends.

Every funeral gives Matt an opportunity to go above and beyond. His mantra is: “You can have five weddings in a lifetime but you’ll only have one funeral. That’s why every detail matters.”

Matt Kwoka lives a busy and fulfilling life, in an industry which is all about death. He lives with his partner Neil and their four kids. He has helped thousands of Australian families in their time of need – and is determined to see Southern Cross Funerals charge into the next era of the industry and led him to Death Defined with Matthew Kwoka.

In line with his values, Death Defined with Matt Kowka is a truthful, open and compassionate platform to start those conversations which we might all be wanting to have and see some of our questions answered. It embraces our hesitancy in a nurturing way and will guide us through these discussions sooner rather than later, hoping to bring clarity, comfort and knowledge to those of us who have been too scared or reluctant to broach the subject of death in the past.