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27 April 2020 | T.V.

Ticker News

Matt Kowka talks about how to handle funeral sessions respectively and also with compassion during the pandemic.

17 February 2021 | Interviews

The CMO Show

Matt Kwoka, Director of Southern Cross Funeral Directors, sits down with host Mark Jones to discuss marketing in the death industry, and how…


What do people really think about death

A recent survey commissioned by Southern Cross Funeral Directors questioned every day Australians about death, dying and the funeral industry and has resulted…

22 December 2020 | Print + Online

Marketing Mag

Marketing in the death industry. Matt Kwoka offers a unique perspective on how professionals like himself handle marketing in the death and funeral industry.


Who is Matthew Kwoka

Who is Matthew Kwoka Director of Southern Cross Funerals, since 2010  When you think of a Funeral Director, what do you think? Whatever…