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Death and humour: When the Grim Reaper Gets a Punchline


Death is a solemn topic, often associated with grief, fear, and existential contemplation. But what about the role of humour? Can we find laughter, even a bittersweet one, in the face of our inevitable mortality? Turns out, humour is a surprisingly powerful tool when dealing with death.

Why Laughing at Death Matters

  • Tension Release: Humour allows us to release built-up anxiety around death. It acknowledges our fear, but gives us permission to step back and see the absurdities that surround our relationship with mortality.
  • Combats Taboos: Openly joking about death can help break down the taboos and stigma surrounding this universal experience. Laughter invites conversation and makes death less isolating to discuss.
  • Coping Mechanism: Gallows humour, often found among healthcare professionals, first responders, or those facing difficult end-of-life scenarios, is a defence mechanism. While it might seem callous, laughter can be a way to shield oneself from the emotional toll of constant exposure to death.
  • Finding Light in Darkness: Jokes about death don’t negate the pain and sadness that comes with loss. But by finding humour, even a little sliver, it affirms life and reminds us that joy can still exist alongside the knowledge of our own finiteness.

Where to Find the Laughs

  • Dark Comedy: Films, TV shows, and stand-up routines frequently explore death through a darkly comedic lens. Think “Six Feet Under”, Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot” sketch, or modern comedians confronting personal loss through jokes.
  • Memes and Online humour: The internet is rife with death-related humour, from sarcastic memes to witty one-liners. This shared online space allows people to connect and find a sense of community while processing heavy topics.
  • Cemeteries and Funerals: Believe it or not, humour often finds its way into even the most solemn places. A funny epitaph, a fond anecdote shared at a funeral, or even the absurdity of some funeral traditions can provide moments of much-needed levity.
  • Folklore & Mythology: Many cultures have stories of figures who trick death or who approach the underworld with wit and cunning. These tales reflect a desire to outsmart the inescapable, and can be a source of comfort or amusement.

A Note of Sensitivity

It’s crucial to recognise that humour about death isn’t always appropriate. The timing, setting, and audience are important. When grief is fresh, laughter might not be the right medicine. However, when used with sensitivity and awareness, humour can be a surprisingly healthy way of coming to terms with our mortality.

A Shared Joke

By daring to chuckle in the face of death, we don’t deny its weight. Rather, we assert our resilience. We acknowledge that even with mortality looming, life retains its capacity for absurdity, connection, and yes, even a good laugh.

If you’d like to hear more, check out our podcast, Death Defined where we discuss the complicated emotional spectrum of death with real people, from their experiences. Hosted by funeral director Matt Kwoka, we delve into the complicated emotions, processes, and taboos surrounding one of the experiences that unites all humanity.

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